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Matt Fuller

Matt Fuller brings decades of experience and industry leadership to his role as Co-founder at Jackson Fuller Real Estate. His real estate career began in 2002 when he left Apple in search of a job with less travel — because being close to home was his number one concern as he planned to become a father.

Over the years he has sold hundreds of properties across the city, focusing on the city of San Francisco where 98% of his transactions have been. The first buyer he represented still owns their single-family home in the city, and the first home he listed was for an elderly woman whose parents had built the home, raised their family in it, and left it to her.

Matt has been very involved in organized real estate and was the 2017 President of the San Francisco Association of Realtors. In addition to being a Past President, he served as an elected Director for the association from 2013 – 2018 and was a past chair of their MLS & Technology committee as well as the 2015 Chief Financial Officer. He also served as a Director for the California Association of Realtors, where he is also the 2019 Vice-Chair for the MLS Policy Committee from 2016 to 2020.

He’s a father, husband, dog-lover, and crazy exercise enthusiast. When’s he’s not at work you’re likely to find him at the gym or with his family.

Volunteer Industry Leadership and non-profit board experience include:

Director, California Association of Realtors (2016 – 2020)
President, San Francisco Association of Realtors (2017)
President-Elect, San Francisco Association of Realtors (2016)
Chief Financial Officer, San Francisco Association of Realtors (2015)

His professional designations include:

Certified International Property Specialist
Graduate Realtor Institute

Select Media Appearances:


Jackson brings loyalty, fun, enhanced search capabilities, and a bright, shiny loveable personality to real estate. Not to mention her great listening skills and obedient personality. San Francisco real estate, whether you are a buyer or seller, can often feel like an overwhelming and confusing process. Jackson is here to help make your San Francisco real estate experience fun, productive and the experience of a lifetime. In a good way. Jackson is:

A Loyal Companion
Jackson is in it for the long haul, loyal to a fault and always happy and excited to be out and about with you. Our risk management team suggested we say Jackson takes his fiduciary duty with the utmost of seriousness, but we think we’ll just say it’s a well known fact that you can’t find a more loyal friend than a dog.

A Playful Park Date
Life can be stressful, and Jackson is always ready to help you find your happy place and get rid of whatever is stressing you out. Life is always better when you’ve got a friend to sit with in the park and contemplate the relative value of a split bath to a full bath in Russian Hill Victorians,  flowers, clouds, and squirrels. Definitely squirrels.

A Wicked Good Searcher
No matter what you might be wanting to find, Jackson has serious search skills.  Seriously. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for that ball you just tossed for Jackson to fetch or a three-bedroom Edwardian with a view of Twin Peaks and bedrooms that face south. Jackson has a nose for helping you find things like that.

An Ever Vigilant Protector
Finding what might be the perfect home is just the beginning. Jackson treats yours as hers, and regularly takes continuing education classes so she is always ready to protect you from unannounced delivery drivers, hopelessly dilapidated money pits, leaky roofs, and shady things that aren’t trees.

A Good Listener & Obedient Resource
Your command is Jackson’s delight. Are you looking for a great spot to raise a family, a home a little off the beaten path, or perhaps a great patch of grass in which to bury your favorite toy? Jackson listens and obeys, so when you send her off for a mid-century modern with views of Mt. Diablo you know she won’t come back with a Dolger in Daly City or a squirrel. Any rumor you’ve heard that she once returned with a squirrel is just… a rumor!

A Serious Foodie
There are food motivated animals and there is Jackson. If you think you like farmer’s markets, leftovers, and meaty bones, just wait until you dine with Jackson.

Colby Josey

Born and raised in North Carolina, Colby Josey brings his delightful combination of Southern charm and West coast determination to San Francisco real estate. His diverse professional background in sales, management, and real estate have prepared him for representing San Francisco home buyers and sellers looking for the highest quality representation.

Colby’s academic foundation was laid at California State University, Northridge, where he pursued a degree in Business Marketing. Following university, he entered the luxury fashion world where he garnered a reputation for his exceptional sales acumen and impeccable client service. Driven by a desire to explore new opportunities and expand his horizons, Colby transitioned to the real estate world, where he found his true calling as a trusted real estate agent.

Beyond his thriving career in real estate, Colby maintains a well-rounded and fulfilling lifestyle. He is an avid runner and reader, and his favorite run in the city is through the hills of Twin Peaks and Diamond Heights. As for a favorite book? There are too many to list!

When he’s not out setting personal bests running, you’ll find him cheering on his favorite basketball team, our Golden State Warriors. He cherishes spending quality time with his husband, Todd, and their dog Gigi and Rufus the cat.

About The Team

Decades of Experience

If it’s possible to know every square inch of San Francisco’s 49 square miles, we do. We’re endlessly fascinated by the people, history, and developments in our city — and we can’t imagine living anywhere else. When people ask us if we’ve seen a property or know a neighborhood, the answer is always a resounding YES, because we live, breathe, and eat real estate in San Francisco.

We understand that San Francisco is not an easy market, regardless of the direction it is moving.  We have been through up markets, down markets, balanced markets, and every point in between along the way. That enables us to guide clients to the right property in the right neighborhood at the right price at the right time — even if the market is super-heated or headed into a swoon. When it’s time to sell, we use our in-depth knowledge to obtain the best price possible, blended with bringing the best buyer with the best credentials to the table.

We don’t just care about getting a transaction done and moving on, never to be heard from again. We care deeply about what happens to our clients once they’re settled into their homes.  From monitoring the market to answering questions as they arise, we’re there. Always.

What would become Jackson Fuller Real Estate began in 2002. Working with Matt means you are working with, well, all of us. We communicate extensively internally, trade market notes, and challenge each other to always be at our best for our clients. You’ll get the benefits of multiple perspectives, deep industry experience, and timely and prompt communications.


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